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Considering Asian Lamps?

Lamps are not just a way to provide light to a dark area, but are also an easy way to express yourself. Before considering a typical boring lamp -something that only illuminates you're household with no meaning behind it- one should keep in mind that there is a more meaningful, cultural lamp that would suit you better. Not only are Asian style lamps very popular and a great way to tie a room together artistically, but they also have an exciting and meaningful history that will add culture to any room. 

Asian Lamps are very popular for many reasons; they are great for illuminating any room, they look great in any room, they have meaning and history behind them and they are always beautiful piece of art. Of course, as with any other lamp, Asian lamps illuminate the room they are placed in, but unlike your typical lamp, Asian lamps poses a beauty that is unique and breathtaking. When placed in a room, Asian style lamps are able to tie together the entire room in an artistic manor, making you look and feel like a professional decorator all the time. This is because the way that Asian lamps are designed, they are seen as cultural and meaningful, and due to their physical appearance, are able to tie together a room artistically in a way that no other lamp can. If you want to impress visitors, professional or personal, or if you just want to add beauty to a room, then Asian style lamps are perfect for you.

Asian lamps also poses uniqueness to them that no other lamp has. Each lamp is decorated according to the culture that it is representing. For example, many Japanese lamps have carvings of cherry blossoms, geisha girls, and mount Fujiyama; representing their culture and values. The way asian lamps are designed, one can feel the artistic value and culture of the lamp the moment they spot the lamp across the room. The material used to produce such lamps also poses meaning. Most Asian style lamps are made with materials such as rice paper, bamboo and rosewood.

Asian style lamps also have a rich history. Centuries ago in Asia, lamps were used as more then just a source of lighting, but also as a sign of luck, religion or family. Each lamp would be painted in a way that represented what each lamp was intended for; a majority of lamps contained the story of the "eight immortals" according to each family. The "eight immortals" represent good fortune as well as the eight conditions of life- age, youth, wealth, rank, poverty, feminine, masculine, and common people. By decorating the lamps in such ways was a part of a major religion in China at the time.

By adding Asian style lamps to your house, you are not only adding a way to illuminate your household, your adding culture, meaning and artistic value. When shopping for a lamp, don’t just choose a lamp that will light up you room, choose a lamp that will have cultural meaning, sheer beauty, and make any room look as though you were a professional decorator.

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